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Hard armor is usually constructed by tightly weaving a polymer or 100 % UHMWPE(TM) fibers, or a combination of fibers and aramid to a heavy-duty bullet catcher which defuses the rotating (rifled) force of the projectile. This deflection reduces the energy transfer to the armor itself, resulting in an increase in bullet resistance. Soft armor is composed of a material that doesn’t conduct energy, such as carbon fiber, Kevlar, or ceramic. It has a low density and is difficult to cut, making it less effective in close quarter combat situations. While soft armor does provide increased protection, its application in close quarter fighting situations is limited and should be used only when armor piercing rounds are not a good choice.

Ceramic plates have been in use since the First World War, where they were primarily used as armor plates for the tanks of war vehicles. However, in the Second World War, they were also used as a part of the Third Reich’s Vickers gun, which utilizes a firing pin to launch the bullet. This gunpowder propelled bullet has a very high muzzle velocity, and because it contains potassium chlorate (the active ingredient of chocolate), its expansion rate is much slower than a bullet using traditional materials. The result is a soft armor that disperses energy in a mushroom shaped pattern. The gunpowder round weighs about half as much as a standard bullet, and while it is slow moving, it disperses energy in a very dense manner. Check this:

Soft armor plate carriers are most commonly used by law enforcement personnel to protect their bodies from firearms fired in close quarters. This is the most common use of soft armor in everyday police work, although it can also be used in professional sports competition. Soft armor plates are also being used by military and security forces, as well as special operations units. Soft armor plates are used in high end protective gear such as bullet resistant vests used by police officers, and even bullet proof clothing worn by soldiers. Regardless of where you are working, if you want to be safe from the threat of injury from an oncoming weapon, you should invest in soft armor plates for your safety.