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Level II soft armor panels are the most affordable way to protect yourself from most handgun threats. They are made in the USA and are available in backpacks, messenger bags, vests, and more. In addition, they can be easily concealed in any garment, such as a jean or jacket. These types of panels can also be placed in a bag, such as a backpack. If you need more protection, you can choose more advanced models, like those made by eVest and Specsavers.

The benefits of soft body armor are numerous. For instance, these pieces are more flexible than hard body armor, making them more comfortable and convenient for wearers. Additionally, they are not as bulky as hard body armor. They may be worn under a uniform, but they are usually a great addition to any gear. In addition, the components of these kinds of body armor are often stronger than steel plates. They will also lessen the pain and trauma of an impact to the body.

Soft body armor can also be worn daily, and they can be incorporated into any outfit. Their lightweight design and highly flexible components mean they can be worn under clothing and other tactical gear. Because they’re flexible, soft armor is not bulky and can be easily hidden underneath a uniform. However, it should still be kept close to the body. The armor can be used in situations where it’s most necessary, such as during an active shooter situation.

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