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Soft armor is an excellent option for those who want to protect themselves from handgun bullets, but want to be comfortable and lightweight. Fortunately, advances in material science and the development of newer fabrics are making this possible. One material for soft armor is Dyneema(r), a 35% lighter alternative to aramid materials. This material also has excellent flexibility and is well suited for developing soft armor vests. It can be used as a standalone protective gear, or in conjunction with hard armor inserts.

Another option for body armor is Flex Fused Core(tm) Soft Armor IIIA. Designed for concealed environments, this soft body armor can be used as a standalone piece or to enhance hard armor from Spartan Armor Systems. It also has a backer, which can reduce blunt force trauma.

In recent years, newer producers of this material have made modest improvements in ballistic performance. They have improved the basic fiber properties of UHMWPE, but have only advanced to the range of thirty to 35-g/d. Three-dimensional weaving is also being explored for hard ballistics. Companies such as Team Engineering Inc. are designing multi-layer materials that can be layered to provide increased protection (more information).

BulletSafe soft armor vests are designed to protect against bullets while promoting breathability, flexibility, and range of motion. They fit comfortably beneath everyday clothing and are not easily noticeable, which makes them ideal for everyday use. They are fully adjustable and have wrap-around pockets. Most BulletSafe soft armor vests have a 600-denier polyester carrier to provide optimal protection against bullets.